Corporate Vision

5 keys of SHOEI

The strength of SHOEI CHEMICAL INC. lies in its unrivaled technical capabilities backed by a long history. With the principle of having business run by a select few, we have pursued high value-added work. Our primary focus is to enhance the research and development environment and we take pride in our best-in-the-world R&D centers complete with all kinds of analytical instrumentation and experimental-production equipment.
For years, we have met stringent requirements for quality one by one to earn the tremendous trust of customers with our products. At present, we have high global market shares for various types of electronic materials. As a leading company in advanced materials, we are committed to achieving continued growth in the future.

History of long years

Ever since its foundation in 1956, SHOEI has made steady R&D efforts to establish solid technical capabilities. We have always stuck to using creative technologies and constantly given rise to cutting-edge, high-performance products. We are proud of our long history of successful management.

High value-added work

Having a select few is our personnel policy. Each and every employee is pursuing high
value-added work as a professional.

Research and development environment

In our two R&D bases in Japan (Ohme-shi, Tokyo and Tosu-shi, Saga), we have a substantial amount of facilities that allow leading-edge R&D, including all kinds of analytical instrumentation and experimental-production equipment. We are constantly pursuing creative technologies.

Leading global market share

SHOEI's products have won the great trust of many customers and achieved high market shares for various electronic materials around the world.

Electrode materials for MLCCs:45% Electrode materials for actuators:80%
Production capacity of nano powder

Our advanced manufacturing technology and productivity, backed by a long history of steady R&D, surpass others. We are capable of meeting customers’ needs accurately and promptly.

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