Products Lineup

SHOEI develops and manufactures electronic materials. We continue to focus on conductive pastes, resistive pastes, dielectric pastes, and powders used electronic devices and components.
The scope of electronic applications continues to broaden. Electronics are now utilized in audio-visual equipment, household appliances, precision equipment, control device of automobile, communication devices, and computers ― virtually all devices indispensable in our daily lives. Currently, many industries rely on electronic components which have been miniaturized with higher performance, and SHOEI has been pursuing to achieve these characteristics in its products.
SHOEI keeps exploring the world of sub-micron to nano dimensions to provide more highly developed products with better functionality suited for ever-changing market demands, so as to meet the needs of our valued customers. We, at SHOEI, promise to keep opening the new doors in the field of electronic materials today, tomorrow, and years to come.

1. Conductive Pastes

■Silver Pastes
Ceramic capacitors, mica capacitors, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, inductors, thermistors, varistors, transducers, peaking coils, fixed resistors, variable resistors, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, fluorescent display devices, plasma display panels
■Gold Pastes
Thick-film hybrid integrated circuits, integrated circuit packages
■Silver-Palladium Pastes and Silver-Platinum Pastes
Thick-film hybrid integrated circuits, potentiometers, variable
resistors, varistors, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, inductors,
piezoelectric components
■Palladium Pastes and Platinum Pastes
Multi-layer ceramic capacitors, thermistors, varistors, sensors
■Nickel Pastes and Copper Pastes
Multi-layer ceramic capacitors

2. Resistive Pastes

Thick-film hybrid integrated circuits, network resistors, chip resistors, variable resistors, and potentiometers

3. Dielectric Pastes

Thick-film hybrid integrated circuits, resistors, display devices

4. Fine Precious Metal Powders,
  Fine Base Metal Powders, Metal Oxides
5. Precious Metal Salts
6. Precious Metal Catalysts
7. Precious Metal Solutions
8. Specialty Organic Products
Main Applications of Our Products

Lots of electronic equipment such as mobile telephones, digital cameras, and liquid crystal televisions include SHOEI's products. Here in the next pages, we would like to briefly explain the characteristics of our products, and the technical processes how to apply our products to the parts of electronic components which are mounted on the electronic equipment.


  • Products Lineup
  • Conductive Pastes
  • Resistive Pastes
  • Dielectric Pastes
  • Powders
Fine Powders and Thick Film Materials